Värvikoodidega otsakute kmpl 1/4″ 54 osa 2 magnethoidikuga PH,PH2G,PZ,SL,Hex,TORX,TORX TR,R 25mm 45tk, 125mm 4tk ja 150mm 3tk

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• For slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, hexagonal, TORX®, TORX® tamper, Robertson head screws
• Includes 54 pieces: 51 bits, 1 magnetic universal bit holder, 1 magnetic quick release bit holder and 1 socket adaptor 1/4″
• 25 mm: SL4.5, SL5.5, PH1, PH2 x4, PH3, PH2G x2, PZ1, PZ2 x4, PZ3, T10 x2, T15 x2, T20 x4, T25 x2, T27, T30 x4, T40, TR10, TR15, TR20, TR25, TR30, HEX3, HEX4, HEX5, HEX6, HEX8, Rob
• 1,
• 2 ; 125 mm: PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2; 150 mm: T20, T25, T30
• PH2G bits for use with reduced shaft diameter for drywall construction
• TORX® bits are coloured to easy identify the size of the tip
• For universal use
• High performance alloy steel
• Zinc phosphate finish
• 1/4″ hex drive DIN 3126 and ISO 1173, style C 6.3
• 1/4″ square socket adaptor, ball type for regular nut driver socket (style C 6.3)
• Universal bit holder with strong magnet (style E 6.3)
• Magnetic quick release bit holder with lock in type system (style E 6.3)
• The box is robust, tough and durable and gives a very good protection of the bits

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